Today logistics services are needed in connection with the more increasing number of natural disasters, political crises, terrorist attacks and accidents. In case of a case, it is a matter of transporting auxiliary goods, assistants and tools as quickly as possible to where they are urgently needed. Often, the logistical organization of such aid represents a special challenge. Usually it is associated with considerable costs.

Sea, Air, Transport & Service helps in emergencies
Initiative logistics - additional funding for aid shipments
Support on every order and beyond

Sea, Air, Transport & Service hopes with the help of “logistics initiative” to noticeable increase funding for the financial support of auxiliary transport. The company sees this initiative beside its actual business activities, as a contribution in the context of its social and humanitarian responsibility. Sea, Air, Transport & Service would welcome an enthusiastic participation of its customers.
The current situation in parts of the world shows how necessary such a commitment is.

Please support our project and help people in emergency situations!

We also look forward to inquiries to projects we can assist with these actions.


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