Service Overview


Service Overview


Service Overview

Smart Shipping with Great Savings!

Looking for quick, reliable and cost-effective freight management and forwarding solutions for your business?

SATS Group is a global freight service operator, offering the most reliable and customized turnkey and end-to-end freight solutions for national and international shipping. Whether you need to send a business document or a heavy-duty truckload, we cater to all your freight requirements in an efficient and timely manner.

As an experienced freight service provider in the industry, our team has the expertise to handle your freight and logistics requirements from the point of booking to the delivery at the final station. We offer seamless and intelligent warehouse and logistics solutions, ensuring complete control over the arriving and departing freight.

Why Choose Us For Your Freight Management?

SATS Group offers broad-spectrum freight management services that encompass a variety of industries. Choosing us for your freight management and delivery is the right decision for improving your business performance and savings:

  • We offer customized freight management solutions that fulfil the specific requirements of your business
  • We operate a client-centred Freight management Software that keeps you up to date with reports and progress of your delivery
  • Moreover, we provide warehouse management services with real-time inventory management
  • We have a professional and experienced team to handle extensive freight operations
  • Our experts offer smart business intelligence reporting, which helps you save money on your freight deliveries.
  • Through our custom-designed intelligent management system, we integrate and optimize your freight, warehouse and customer service processing, seamlessly. Hence, we help you transition your supply chain division, from a cost-generating to a revenue-generating center.
  • Our services enable you to save money and invest in the market growth of your business by maintaining your focus on the core areas
  • We have the capability to serve many locations on a global scale (harbors, airports, major cities), with a global networking reach to organize and manage your deliveries
  • We efficiently handle cargo in/from/toChicago, New York, Miami (head office), Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

What We Offer

Our Partner for air freight

SATS Group provides freight solutions globally. We offer a diversity of logistics services, such as international Air Freight and Ocean Freight, Customs Brokerage, and Auto Transport (national/international). We offer our services in the US, from all the major ports (air & ocean).

Our partner for ocean freight

Become Our Partner in International Logistics

We operate our head office from Miami, and our headquarters are in Germany. Our setup in Germany allows us to collaborate with international freight companies seeking a reliable international logistics partner. Moreover, our services comply with German standards. In other words, if you are seeking exceptional air and ocean freight services, we can cater to your needs.

Contact Us Today to Get a Custom Tailored Freight Management Plan for Smarter International Air and Ocean Freight and Enjoy Big Savings!