Specialist and seamless logistics solutions for automotive

International Vehicle Transports
Automotive logistics require frequent innovation as the automotive industry faces evolving challenges. SATS offers unique and innovative automotive logistics solutions that are specially developed for the specific needs of the automotive industry.

Transportation of vehicles from one country to another needs maximum dependability, security and adequate networking across channels. As an established and specialist firm in automobile logistics, SATS has an extensive network of terminals across the sea, on major ports and inland. We have state-of-the-art equipment, truck fleet and barges to easily carry automobiles, ensuring safe handling and transportation to the destination.

Catering to the Logistics needs of Complex Automotive Sector

It is the most complex logistics sector due to the always increasing flow of different automotive parts and vehicles between the countries. This requires the application of innovative supply chain strategies to ensure smooth movement of automotive logistics. With our dedicated and dependable automotive logistics services, you can focus on your business opportunities and resolve the challenges.
Our professional automotive logistics specialists handle the entire delivery chain from the beginning to the end till your shipment is finally delivered.

What do we Offer?

SATS offers all kinds of automobile and spare-parts logistics services designed to meet your business challenges and requirements. We have partnered with major sources and networked with shipping locations on all major ports to offer shipping facilities across the world.
Our global procurement network ensures that your automotive parts and automobiles safely reach their final destination with minimal issues. No matter where you need to send your automotive shipment, it will reach its destination swiftly and reliably. With our continuous improvement policy, your business always remains ahead of its competitors.

Whether you want to enter the new market, plan to set up a new automobile production facility or just needs an automobile logistics partner to optimize your supply chain, we promise reliable solutions that fit your business needs.

More than Just a Logistics Solution

Our automotive logistics solutions are more than transporting your consignment from point A to B. Our experts work with you to develop a customized shipping plan which fits your budget and requirements. We collect your shipment from the departure point, manage transportation to the port, arrange sea transport, any other transport required to optimize your transport chain and deliver to the final destination. The process includes the complete handling from start till end including customs clearance. We can also arrange storage if needed.

SATS offers trustworthy sea, air and land automotive transportation solutions at fair prices!