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international air freight forwarding

Are you looking for a reliable, swift and affordable partner for your air freight forwarding requirements for national as well as international imports and exports? SATS air freight services provide you with the most competent and reliable air freight and logistics solutions to import and export your shipments and products.

Why Choose Our Air Freight Services?

SATS is an established and extensively experienced B2B focused freight and logistics company that has delivered reliable and successful logistics solutions to various companies of all scales and sizes. We have developed extensive and competent partnerships all across the globe to facilitate your with speed and efficiency through the maze of experts and imports.

We use state-of-the-art techniques to handle your logistics and clear most of your shipments before they even reach the destination. We keep constant communication with our clients throughout the process with quick response time and offer highly flexible services. We consider our company’s success synonymous with the growth and success of your business. We always focus on providing world-class services, which give you peace of mind that your business freight needs are optimally and timely met.

Worldwide Support Network

SATS has a strong support network that is spread all around the world and serves nearly every major airport. We serve nearly every airport in the world. Our head office is located in Germany. Our services are smartly designed to facilitate your logistics requirements in the most efficient, professional and swift manner. As a committed international freight forwarding company, we can help you import or export your goods from any place in the world to the desired locations with ease. Our network of bases spread globally enables us to provide you finest quality air freight services you can rely on.

Fulfilling Your Air Freight Requirements

We guarantee to clear all your air freight without any trouble. To achieve this we provide:

  • Complete transport and goods documentation.
  • Monitoring and management of your asset by trained and experienced project managers.
  • Completion of all custom formalities relating to goods traffic and relocations.

Trained and Experienced Team to Handle Air Freight

Our trained and experienced team plays a crucial role in streamlining your national and international freight. We appoint dedicated personnel to handle and assist you with your freight requirements from the beginning till the final delivery. Our expert works closely with you to design the most suitable and affordable route for your freight delivery to save your time and money. This also provides you with bright opportunities for business growth and development across the region and internationally. Our team serves as a trustworthy partner to handle your freight and logistics with professional integrity, honesty and expertise.

Features of Our Air Freight Services

Our air freight services have the following distinguishing features:

  • Selected and reliable airline partners
  • Facility of import and export for B2B at all airports located in Germany
  • Facility of international freight import and expert
  • An extensive network of bases both nationally and internationally
  • Pickup and delivery services
  • Back to back individual shipments
  • Competitive prices
  • Complete documentation of goods and customs clearance
  • Transport process tracking and monitoring
  • Consolidation
  • DGR Handling and Packaging
  • Full insurance of transport
  • Courier services on-board
  • Partners across all continents

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