Sea, Air, Transport & Service is a competent and reliable LCL sea freight provider already for a long time.  We are constantly working to expand our consolidated container services and even more destination to broaden our global network. We can rely on a global network of partners.

This makes it possible to react and be flexible to customers requests and to use less common routes with LCL sea freight. In contrast to other providers, we don’t have to build new services but we can build on existing structures of our partners. That is quick and uncomplicated.

LCL sea freight – Cheaper than airfreight.

Consolidated container offer a cost effective alternative to air freight and therefore are pleased in the increasing demand. By gathering the shipment from many customers, who would not be able alone to fill a container, make it possible to share the cost of a full container shipment in LCL branch. The consolidation of shipments makes it possible. Economically this is called economies of scale. Therefore it is fully possible to explore the costs advantages that allows sea freight. That is only with an experienced logistic expert who combines the quality, safety and speed with attractive prices.  That is the challenge we face.

Full service throughout the delivery chain

We offer our customer for the LCL transport a complete service in addition to the sea freight it also includes a variety of useful valued added benefits. We organize picking the consolidated goods and transport them to the loading port as well as the pick up service and further transportation to its final destination. Even when storage is immediately needed, we can provide a solution. We cover the entire delivery process.

Completion of all formalities

We also take care of the completion of all formalities. Thanks to our many years of experience we know the think and hard regulations. We obtain the necessary permits, take care of the correct and completed transport documents, the cargo manifest and the customs clearance. Because of our shipment tracking our customers always know where their cargo is located.

Here we offer LCL sea freight

We are proud today that our partner network in LCL transport is available in every countries. Whether it is import or export, we deal with many countries around the globe – Which exactly? Find out here.

Individual solution instead of standard solutions

LCL transport is only one aspect or our business activities. We are competent even when it comes to FCL sea freight, air freight or the classic ground transport. We can also develop very well solutions that link the different transport routes and means with each other.  We sit down with our customer and develop an individual and tailored approach. We focus on a long term partnership with our customers. This includes individual, demand oriented solutions and not standard offers.

Sea, Air, Transport & Service is constantly expanding its LCL service