Vehicle transports in progress of moving / relocation

Familiar with the issue of importing and exporting vehicles during removals

We are here to support you when it comes to moving and relocation, whether you need to organize moves for employees within Europe or beyond, relocate parts of your company, or move privately. In this context, vehicle transportation is often required, and we are specialists in this area.

If vehicles are to be imported within the scope of relocations from Germany to other countries, there is much to consider.

Within the EU, this is not as complex since many of the regulations and the internal market have been simplified, except for transports outside the EU, for instance to the USA or Asia.

For example, if vehicles are to be taken to the USA, numerous US safety and environmental regulations must be considered. In many cases, vehicles need to be retrofitted beforehand to meet US standards; otherwise, taking the vehicle is not possible.

There are also differences in the customs clearance. Often the import is duty-free in the destination country when vehicles are used exclusively privately and are not marketed. However, this is not always valid.

We are acquainted with the regulations to be observed in each country. Sea, Air, Transport & Service offers a special relocation service for international moves – which applies to vehicles and all kinds of household goods. When necessary, we also take care of the temporary storage. We cover the complete transport chain from packing, collection, and transportation, to all the formalities and delivery at the destination and provide appropriate value-added benefits to our customers. Our global partner network makes it possible.

We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information and advise you on what to consider for your moving or relocation project – for vehicle transfers and other moving goods. Please use our online contact form or find our contact information on the contact page. We will provide you with expert advice and present you with an attractive offer as part of our relocation service.