Event logistics with a strong partner on your site

Timely and smooth transport for events and meetings

We are proficient in event logistics and can transport your vehicles to where they are needed for use or presentation at a temporary event. Besides, it does not matter whether it concerns normal passenger cars, motorcycles, prototypes, old-timers, or other vehicles. Typical occasions are fair appearances, trader presentations, and events or building projects where special vehicles are needed. With our partners around the globe, we offer solutions inside and outside the EU. Whether in Abu Dhabi or Japan, your vehicles reach every destination.

In event logistics, careful planning and preparation are particularly important, as punctuality and smooth execution play a crucial role. The organization and execution of vehicle transport must seamlessly integrate into the overall project plan. Our experts work with you to develop a solution tailored to your individual needs and your specific project. You can rely on us to choose the optimal mode of transport for your purpose. Whether it’s by truck, sea freight, or air freight, we offer you the right solution. Our commitment is to provide high-quality services at fair prices.

A smooth procedure also includes the completion of all formalities. Shipping documents, permits, customs clearance, and much more—we are happy to handle it for you. We are your competent partner in optimizing your processes. We know that in the context of a project, some unexpected situations can also occur. Therefore, flexibility and quick action are needed. In this case, we will immediately respond to your needs and help ensure that your project is successful anyway. Since your success is also our success.

Our event logistics experts have strong experience in this field and are trained accordingly. They will provide you with advice and support for the realization of your event. Through our online contact form, you can easily start an inquiry. Or send us an email or call us. You can find our contact information on the Contact page. We will be happy to make a compelling offer.