Sea, Air, Transport & Service – IHK training company 2014

The theme of ‘training’ is traditionally capitalized at Sea, Air, Transport & Service. We frequently offer young people opportunities to start a career in an exciting and promising field.

And the experience speaks for itself: last year, we again obtained excellent trainees for our company, of which we are justly proud.

Career field logistics – a fascinating task

The logistics sector offers students fascinating and diverse career fields. This particularly applies to our company, which is acting on a global scale and networked world.
Who begins his training with us, learns the true sense of the word “to know the world”. To perfectly organize logistics is our entitlement and our daily business. Beginners learn how attractive offers are calculated to convince customers of our services. The best price, the fastest transport and professional service are required. Dates and routes must be planned, cargo optimized and suitable transportation selected. We rely on ocean and air freight in combination with overland transport. Our speciality is in addition to international shipments by air and ocean freight, vehicle imports from the USA and Canada. This also includes complex administrative activities such as customs clearance and taxation.

Involved from the beginning

In addition to organizational skills and communication, skills of speed, reliability and flexibility are required in logistics tasks. The requirements and conditions during transportation can change on short notice. Then, immediate reaction in response is required. Our trainees are integrated closely into the logistics processes and learn about the numerous facets of our business immediately. These are the best conditions for a later career in the logistics branch – welcome to SATS.

Sea, Air, Transport & Service: IHK training company 2014

Sea, Air, Transport & Service will continue on its path of successful training in the future. And we can display this. The IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria have rewarded us the seal ‘Training Company 2014’. Attractive employers are rewarded with this through their community involvement in vocational training. We are looking forward to receiving interesting applications and are open for training in an exciting and diverse career field.