Import Calculator

Calculate the costs of importing a vehicle

Our import calculator is designed to help you accurately calculate the costs of importing your dream car. With an up-to-date dollar exchange rate, you can avoid unpleasant surprises in advance.

The import calculator includes all relevant cost points for importing, which can be adjusted by you as desired.

Denomination Price in USD Price in EUR
Dollar exchange rate:
Purchase price of the vehicle: 0 €
Sales tax (USA tax): 0 €
Other costs (USA): 0 €
Transport to port / shipping (USA): 0 €
Harbor dues at port of departure (USA): 0 €
Sea freight to Europe (inc. BAF fuel surcharge): 0 €
Goods in transit insurance: 0 €
Harbor dues at port of entry (EU):
Customs clearance:
Import duty: 0 €
Initial inland transit:
Subtotal: 0 €
Import sales tax 19% / 7% (Classic Cars): 0 €
TÜV modifications and inspection (inkl. 19% VAT):
TOTAL (incl. Tax and Duty): 0 €

When importing a vehicle to Austria, customs clearance in Germany is sufficient, as goods from non-EU countries only need to be cleared through customs once within the EU.

On the following page, we have provided some information for you on importing vehicles to Switzerland. We would be happy to inform you about any applicable import duties and fees for Switzerland by phone or email.

For more information on applicable import duties, please visit the following pages:

Germany/Austria: Zoll Deutschland

Switzerland: Eidgenössische Zollverwaltung